Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Well known “Teeter” artist Martin Joseph died

tmp_1122-received_10154652372951014444762866tmp_1122-received_10154652373261014802475022J. Martini Joseph Souis, a well known artist in Thalahena area died at 85 years. He was a director and script writer of more than 20 dramas which was known as “Teetar”. His first teetar ” Jeevithye Iranama”was staged in 1972 in Thalahena. Some of his of other teetars are “Aadarayaka Lee Bindu”, “Anthima Thurumpuwa”, “Iwaseemen Sanaseema” and ” Visiwasaraka Rahasak”. During 70s and 80s he was invited to direct many dramas (teetar) in other areas. Mr. Joseph Soyuis was born on 29th of Feb 1933 and died on the Christmas day.
Aruna shantha Nonis (Asano.)